Student Outcomes

Our mission is to inspire a love for Jesus and a joy for learning for your child.

Here’s what you can expect for your own child when they attend Waymaker Academy.

  1. Our students have a deep and abiding relationship with Christ so that they can understand God’s plan for their life.
  2. Our students have the social and emotional resilience that empowers them to fulfill God’s plan in their life.
  3. Our students have the self-confidence and self-worth that inspires them to pursue God’s plan for their life.
  4. Our students, including those who learn differently, have a love of learning that will bring joy on the journey to following God’s plan.
  5. All of our students have the relationship skills that invite others to participate in their path to achieving God ‘s plan for their life.

If you want this for your own child, contact us today, to see if Waymaker Academy is indeed the place to be for your family.