Place your child in an extended family that will love and care for them as they grow in knowledge and faith.

We want our graduates to be successful in society while living out their faith.

Our method is divided into three core subjects including language, math, and a cultural subject that covers history, biology, geography, physical science, and the arts. With us, your child will learn all of this at their own pace, and they’ll learn in a hands on environment. Whether it’s using the Montessori materials or being outside learning about the world, your child will be equipped with everything they’ll need.

Hands-on experiences make up how we learn in and out of the classroom. Besides the Montessori classroom environment, we offer:

  • Equestrian Gym Class: This class will teach your child proper grooming and tacking skills as well as horseback riding. These classes are two hours long and are held once a week. It is held for four months of the school year.
  • Environmental Education: Active education is key in the Montessori Classroom. We’ll venture to a Christian Camp only 20 minutes away from our campus, to enjoy learning about environmental sciences. This experience provides a deeply educational learning experience unique to our Montessori teaching method.
  • Keyboarding Class: This class will help children become more proficient in typing. After showing mastrey in this area they can then move onto our coding classes.
  • Coding Class: This class is held for upper elementary students. We’ve implemented it to give children access to a modern, real world skill that is highly demanded in today’s job market.
  • Maker Station: This class provides an environment where children get hands on experience related to concepts in structural engineering and circuitry.
  • Art Education: This class will be provided by a local certified art instruction. Teaching different mediums of art to our children.
  • Political Science: This class will provide children with a firm foundation in the constitution and its core principles. As well as the structure of the American government. Children will learn what it means to be a patriot and defend our constitutional rights.
  • Handwriting: This class will use handwriting without tears to lay solid foundation in handwriting.

Catechesis of the Good Shepherd

Your child was given gifts that we believe should be shared with the world, and we want to nurture them in an environment where they know that. The Catechesis of the Good Shepherd teaches children how to contemplate and enjoy the glory of God and his word. We want to prepare your child for the world while knowing that God will be in their corner no matter what they face.

Your child’s education won’t just be about the world, it will be about how God created it and how he shaped it, and its history, to his design. Your child will gain a knowledge of history from a biblical standpoint to better understand the plan that God has for them and for the world.