Helping children who learn differently feel the joy of learning and the love of Christ.

Why Waymayker Academy?

Your child deserves to experience the joy of learning. WayMaker Academy is a Christian Montessori School for children who think and learn differently. They deserve to be equipped with real life skills. We provide a Montessori education with the tools necessary to become independent and passionate learners.

Your child can blossom when they can have an autonomous education where they can interact with their environment and learn through making discoveries. We don’t just want your child to be excited, we want them to develop a lifelong love of learning. Your child will have access to the tools to give them an unmatched, interactive, hands on learning experience. We won’t just tell your child about the world, we want to show them the world.

When it comes to educating your child, we want to meet them at their academic level and build upon their education from there. We know children struggle in certain areas and thrive in others. Your child’s education should not be an environment of stress and frustration, but rather a chance for them to be proud of all they accomplish. At WayMaker Academy, we strive to meet the individual needs of every child and help them reach their full potential. We give them the tools to learn independently, make their own discoveries, and work through problems, without feeling discouraged.

Our method includes training that caters to all children, including those who learn differently. We are passionate about instilling a lifelong love of learning in all children regardless of their learning styles. Our own children suffer from learning differences, so it is important to us to inspire children with differences such as dyslexia and ADHD to continue to learn and love doing it. Every child deserves that.

Learning is a gift that should be given to all children and we’re able to teach in a way that works for them rather than make them fit into a box that doesn’t suit them. To accomplish this, we have training in two programs that we’ve had tremendous success with, the MACAR program and the SEE program. Even though we incorporate these programs that are designed for the struggling learner, we have found that this way of learning is effective and hugely beneficial to all children, no matter how they learn.

MACAR Program

MACAR, or Montessori Applied to Children At Risk, is a type of training that teaches how to cater to children with learning differences. MACAR maps the brain, and details how a child learns on a neurological level. As we understand these differences and why they occur, we then can develop a plan of action.

Using the Montessori method, we are able to give your child a curriculum that is better suited to their ability to learn. It incorporates:

  • Individualization of instruction through the child’s interaction with the materials as they make their own discoveries
  • A class structure that gives the child boundaries and specific things they can and cannot do, which helps them develop self-control
  • Organization, developed in a step by step process that goes from concrete to abstract
  • Materials that involve concentration, motor skills, and sensory experiences
  • An environment that is encouraging, rather than competitive

The MACAR Program brings an individualized approach so that your child is accommodated and can develop that passion for learning in a way that works for them and their learning styles.

SEE Program

SEE, or Sequential English Education, is an educational  approach used to teach students who struggle with reading, writing  spelling, and comprehension. It utilizes multisensory language instruction in a comprehensive way making sure that all components of the English language are directly instructed to a child in such a manner that leaves no gaps in a child’s language instruction. This program is accredited by the International Multisensory Structured Language Education Council (IMSLEC) and the International Dyslexia Association (IDA).

The SEE program approach is alphabetic, phonetic, structural, and linguistic. As children move through the program, they learn patterns, sounds, and symbols that make up the English language. It focuses on word families for reading and spelling. The way the program is developed, it allows students to visually and orally understand words and sounds, but also be able to write them.

Along with all of this, we want your child to be able to experience this education hand in hand with a connection to God. The Catechesis of the Good Shepherd is rooted in the Montessori tradition. We are not just teaching religion as a subject. We want to instill Christ-Centered values into the everyday lives of children whether they are working, playing, or relaxing. We believe that it is a way of life for them to follow Christ in all they do. We believe in fostering a solid foundation which is built upon a Christian world-view. Your child won’t just learn about the world, they’ll also learn about God’s work in it every step of the way. As their knowledge of the world grows, so will their knowledge of the Lord’s word and their ability to apply it to their work and everyday life.