Welcome to your education solution,
where your child will feel
loved, motivated, and inspired.

Tawnya and Richelle, Co-Founders

Congratulations on looking into a solution that will educate your child while you both feel connected, fulfilled, and enriched! 

You want a learning environment for your child that fosters creativity, skill-building, and a passion for gaining knowledge.

You’ve maybe even tried everything. Public school, private school, homeschool, tutors, and nothing seems to work for your child. They come home discouraged, not excited to go back, and unmotivated to learn. Even while they’re doing school at home.

Maybe your child has been told that they just “can’t learn.” They’ve been diagnosed with things like ADHD and learning disorders. It could be that they are behind in one or more aspects of their schooling, and they feel that they’re constantly competing with the other children.

We understand. We’ve dealt with this in our own lives with our own children. We’ve had our fair share of instances where our little ones would come home in tears because they’re still on the blue book while everyone else is on the red. We’d comfort them as they cried about not getting a sticker, or a prize, because they didn’t get the answer right.

Every child deserves to enjoy learning and feel passionate about going to school and earning their education. And when they don’t, especially at a young age, they are set up for a lifetime of feeling bad about themselves and how they learn.

At WayMaker Academy, we balance in-person instruction with at-home instruction, giving children the power to be independent learners. Partnering with Christian beliefs, we feel that it is a child’s right to learn and feel confident in doing so.

We teach using the Montessori Method. Created by Maria Montessori, it is based not on a strict curriculum but rather the discoveries made by children. Rather than forcing a student into a box, we foster an environment of learning that is initiated by them, rather than us. We merely present the materials.

The Montessori Method is built on several essentials of learning, which we include in our very own classrooms:

  1. Mixed-age classrooms
  2. Student led and chosen activities
  3. Uninterrupted blocks of work-time
  4. Materials are always organized by subject and by height of the child
  5. Montessori trained teachers
  6. Learning based on “discoveries” 

With the Montessori Method, we lead children to learn through a discovery model, rather than direct instruction. It’s not about lectures and homework; it’s about your child working with materials and making discoveries on their own.

We’re not a traditional school. We are a hybrid model; we’re a school, recognized by the state of Pennsylvania, but we do 3 days on site and 2 days on a satellite campus at your house. In tandem with these one-of-a-kind bundles, you as a parent can become an active participant in your child’s learning.

Together as a team, we provide everything for you, all while you can focus solely on your child, which is your top priority.

Our education program at WayMaker Academy is built upon the idea of inspiring a love for Jesus and a joy for learning. We hope that, as your child grows with us, they experience outcomes that we set for them at the beginning. 

We hope that:

  • Our students have a deep and abiding relationship with Jesus so that they can understand God’s plan for their life.
  • Our students have the social and emotional resilience that empowers them to fulfill God’s plan for their life.
  • Our Students have the self-confidence and self-worth that inspires them to pursue God’s plan for their life.
  • Our students have a love of learning that will bring joy on the journey to following God’s plan.
  • All of our students have the relationship skills that invite others to participate in their path to achieving God’s plan for their life.

For us, it’s never about just the product. It’s always about your child enjoying the process.

For them to love the learning process and to be proud of the work that they’re doing. 

If you’re ready to give your child the gift of accessible, exciting learning, contact us today. We promise you will have results like these…

  1. A boy whose parents were told he couldn’t learn: Within two months with us, he could.
  2. A boy who clung to his parents and wouldn’t leave their side, and wouldn’t talk…now he is excited to come to school! We bought things that would specifically excite him, and now he can’t stop talking!
  3. A girl who wouldn’t stay with anyone—not even her grandparents: Now she can’t stop talking about going to school!

We strive to inspire your children to be life-long learners. To enjoy themselves, to make their own decisions, and to be their own person. With the Montessori Method and the Christian faith, we hope to continue to inspire and educate children, just like yours.

Wouldn’t it be nice to find a school where your child felt like they fully belonged? Come on in. You’ve found us. 

Richelle discovered the Montessori method and combined it with Christianity, which she then taught to her own children who learned differently from others. Richelle has these qualifications:

    • Dallas Baptist University: Completion Summer 2021
      • Working towards completion of M.A. – Multisensory Education
  • Shelton School:
  • S.E.E. (Sequential English Education) -Teaching Level Certification 
  • S.E.E. (Sequential English Education) -Therapy Level (Completion 2021)
  • International Multisensory Structured Language Education Council (IMSLEC) certified program
    • Montessori Live Teacher Education Program: Completion Summer 2021
      • American Montessori Society (AMS) certified program
      • Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education (MATCE) certified program
    • Age of Montessori           
      • Early Reading – The Gateway to Learning
    • Shelton School
      • MACAR: Montessori Applied to Children At Risk Certification
    • Academy of O-G Practitioners & Educators Training
      • Orton-Gillingham Training
  • Learning Without Tears
    • Trained/Certified in handwriting
  • Catechesis of Good Shepherd (CGS)      
    • Formation Course Certified Level 1 
  • Capella University                                   
    • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Psychology
    • Industrial/Organizational Psychology Specialization 
  • Carlow University                         
    • Master of Science in Professional Leadership
    • Training and Development Specialization
  • Indiana University of Pennsylvania                                               
    • Bachelor of Science, Hospitality Management
    • Minor in Business Administration

Tawnya began to learn and implement the Montessori method when her daughter was two years old. She has since mastered the method and teaches it to others. These are her qualifications:

  • St. Vincent College
  • B.A. – Psychology 
    • Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education (MATCE Certification)
      • Montessori Live Teacher Education Program
      • American Montessori Society (AMS)
    • Orton Gillingham (OG) 
      • Teacher Level Trained/Certified 
    • Sequential English Education (SEE)
      • Teacher Level Trained/Certified
      • International Multisensory Structured Language Education Council (IMSLEC) certified program
    • Dallas Baptist University: Completion Summer 2021
      • Working towards completion of M.A. – Multisensory Education
    • Catechesis of Good Shepherd (CGS)
      • Certified (Levels One and Two)
    • Montessori Applied to Children At Risk (MACAR)
      • Trained/Certified
  • Learning Without Tears
    • Trained/Certified in handwriting