What if you could find a place where your child totally feels like they belong and are excited to learn?

You’ve found us

To inspire a love for Jesus and a joy for learning

“A teacher must be able to see the child
as Jesus saw him.” - Dr. Maria Montessori

God gave your child the potential to succeed, and we want to help them overcome any obstacle keeping them from that potential. Give your child the gift of an individual learning experience tailored for them to learn at their own pace with the tools to unlock their innate potential.

Our academy is located in Zelienople​ and is easily accessible from any part of the Northern Pittsburgh area. We encourage any child with a thirst for knowledge and a love of God to participate in our unique, hands on learning experience to enrich their minds and their lives.

God has set your child on a path to greatness. At WayMaker Academy, we will help them make the journey. Come, and see how your child can grow with us.

See what awesome families like yours have to say about us...

I can’t believe it. Straight from my 8-year-old’s lips about his math exercises - “Mommy, can I please do more?” He typically cries crocodile tears about school and it used to be such a struggle!!!

—Marta, Mom of 5

My toddler is always asking “Can we please do school? Is it school time yet?”

—Michael, Dad of 5

Have to shout out to my friends at WayMaker Academy for spending some time with me yesterday and helping me understand the Montessori curriculum. You ladies are amazing and I feel so blessed to have found you! I can’t wait to continue to learn and grow with my kiddos this year and see them flourish with this program.”

—Samantha, Mom of 2

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